Limagrain Ingredients provides a wide range of ingredients and solutions dedicated to the bakery market: from functional flours to improvers, additions, toppings, mixes, pre-mixes and enzyme correctors.

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The bakery market is divided into four segments: bread, pastries, cakes and biscuits. The global hypermarket and supermarket packaged market totals 40 million tonnes worldwide and 15 million in Europe. However, significant disparities remain depending on the sub-segment and the geographical region.
The bakery market is governed by strong trends, particularly "pleasure" and "nutrition".


bakery market

Source: Mintel 2015


Retail Europe Market :

The bread category is the most impacted by the difficulties of the market, mainly because of the poor health image of the bread.

Sweet biscuit and sweet bakery increasing slightly in this market, especially on the pleasure trend.

In this difficult market, the regularity of the products and innovation are two major challenges for the bread industrial.

Limagrain Ingredients proposes a wide range of functional cereals ingredients with a technical and commercial support which helps to make the difference.

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