Breakfast Cereals

Limagrain Ingredients provides a wide range for breakfast cereals manufacturers: : from corn flaking grits to functional ingredients, corn flours and grits, nutrition solutions and taste & colour solutions.

The "breakfast cereals" category includes all cereal-based preparations designed to be consumed at breakfast. There are two separate categories:

  • Cooking cereals, such as oat flakes for making porridge
  • Ready-to-eat cereals: cornflakes and other multi-cereal flakes, mueslis, cereals high in fibre, wheat bran cereals and "children's" cereals (often containing direct extruded products).

Although the breakfast cereals market is currently still primarily located in North America (50% of the total market), the United Kingdom is the world's second-largest market.

Global breakfast cereals market

  Breakfast cereals
Market 4.420 million tonnes
Or 5.22 EURO/kg
Growth % (n-1) + 0,9 %

(source: Mintel 2015)

Breakfast cereal market segments

 breakfast cereals market


Note, Scandinavia and Russia, Asia and South America, hot cereals consumption percentage is considerably higher than elsewhere in the world.


breakfast cereals market


There is a wide disparity on the globe. Thus the market is headed towards adults in South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy or Japan. In contrast, in South America, South Korea, France and Spain, the CPAC are headed towards the children.