Limagrain Ingredients' corporate social responsibility

ProgressCSR is an integral part of the Limagrain group's strategy.

In the face of major challenges (food safety, with over 8 billion people to feed from 2030, depletion of resources, access to progress, etc.), Limagrain has decided to structure a CSR approach that enables it to continue being an effective and responsible agent in its growth.


The legitimacy of this CSR approach stems from multiple origins: a nutritive mission and cooperative governance with a long-term vision, existing commitments and concrete actions, a desire to meet stakeholders' expectations and broader regulatory requirements.

The CSR strategy of Limagrain Ingredients.

As a major player in authentic and functional ingredients, Limagrain Ingredients has been building its CSR approach for several years. In 2009, an audit was conducted in compliance with the ISO 26000 standard. Since then, our approach has been finalised and is structured around five cornerstones - Safety (of individuals, products and goods) - Energy conservation - Contribution from all talents - Innovation in partnership - Governance and business ethics. We are a member of Sedex and SMETA certifies that our sites in Riom, Ennezat and Arques comply with national legislation.

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