LimaTrace, a strong commitment to this unique traceability

Today, consumers demand greater food security while demanding a better understanding of the origin of food.

Since 1983, the Limagrain group responded to consumer demand by managing all the maize sector in Auvergne:

  • Seeds and corn grain used are produced by cooperative farmers.
  • Drying and storage are managed by Limagrain cooperative
  • The grain is processed into grits, flours and fiber by Limagrain Cereales Ingredients’ corn mill.



LimaTrace today is our strong commitment to this unique traceability from the seed to the ingredient, for maize as well as for wheat.

LimaTrace guarantees compliance, traceability, consistency, functionality.

  • Compliance with European regulations. Our maize and wheat produced by Limagrain Ingredients comply with European regulation about pesticides, mycotoxins, GMOs and allergens. For example, Limagrain Ingredients is developing baby food ingredients from wheat and maize, showing the excellence of its know-how and its
  • Total traceability: for over 30 years, Limagrain Ingredients has maintained an Identity Preserved (IP) distribution policy, certified by SGS that brings serenity and confidence to customers and consumers.
  • The control of the consistency of the ingredients, by the use of a small number of varieties, by standardization of ingredients produced by the mill and by a rigorous plan of quality controls (particle size, moisture, viscosity ...)
  • Functionality. Limagrain Ingredients selects corn and wheat varieties to meet the industrial requirements of our partners: wheat for bakery and maize for extrusion and cornflakes production.
  • Sustainable development of local agriculture. The organization sector, our cultural practices between places of culture and our production facilities, our best management for energy and waste meet today's needs without compromising the future


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