What makes us different

What makes us different?

Roots in Auvergne and an international scope - Integrated chains and Innovation at the heart of our strategy

Roots in Auvergne and an international scope

As the subsidiary of a cooperative seed group, Limagrain Ingredients has in its DNA the farming culture and values of cooperation, progress and perseverance that have always guided all of its strategic decisions and its actions.

Integrated chains

Limagrain Ingredients manages the selection programmes for its food wheat and corn procedures and is therefore the only market player to have knowledge of and the ability to adapt tomorrow's varieties to the expectations of consumers and manufacturers. From the development of dedicated and specific corn procedures to the manufacture of corn flakes and the development of hard red wheat procedures, our selection programmes are constantly evolving.

Production of seeds and grains by our member farmers (traceability – short production chain)
This approach enables us to then manage the whole chain locally:

  • The seeds and grains are produced under contracts with our members
  • The grains are then ground in our mills exclusively.


Innovation at the heart of our strategy

Our Research & Development and Applications (RDA) teams have three main missions:

  • To implement selection programmes to develop specific wheat and corn that meet manufacturers' expectations in the medium and long term.
  • To develop tomorrow's ingredients.
  • To assist our clients through our expert teams, which have the ability to understand the materials-ingredients-process interactions and can take action on production lines.

Helping Limagrain Ingredients to achieve this are its expansive genetic assets that have been accumulated over many generations. Our research teams are driven to create ever more advanced varieties. 

Our involvement in cereal products (primary processing – corn and wheat chain - and secondary processing – functional ingredients and pellets, etc.) extends this know-how. Thanks to its research centre, Limagrain Ingredients can analyse, test and reproduce the industrial conditions and constraints that our cereals may encounter. In addition to the assistance we provide to our clients, this comprehensive approach enables us to work on the selection and evolution of our varieties.  At the same time, we analyse our markets throughout the entire value chain in order to provide the best response to our clients' expectations and the needs of our clients' customers. This is a unique and additional attribute that allows us to better anticipate and respond to the various needs of food industry sectors. 

What makes us different

A few examples of research focuses

Our tools – an adapted organisation and resources

The "Research & Development and Applications" (RDA) branch of Limagrain Ingredients provides a unique approach and combines expertise in varietal knowledge with process and application knowledge.
Limagrain Ingredients' RDA is above all a team of experts proficient in varietal knowledge, processes and the specific characteristics of applications. "Thanks to our organisation by application, all of our clients have a single preferred R&D contact who is an expert in his/her application, which enables a better understanding of needs and issues and faster development", comments Elisabeth Chanliaud, R&D Director at Limagrain Ingredients.


Limagrain Ingredients' RDA also utilises different types of tools:

  • Analysis laboratory (chemical analyses, texture study, infrared expertise).
  • "Application" laboratories (extrusion - bread-making - culinary, etc.).
  • Room equipped with pilot tools (mini-mill, extruders, hydrothermic treatment processes, grinders, etc.).
  • A sensory analysis division.
  • A documentation centre.