If the United States is the country where people eat the most pizza in the world, Europe is also an area where this Italian dish is widely eaten, Germany, the UK, Spain, France and Italy constituting the top 5.

In the pizza, European consumers are looking for natural, traditional and authentic ingredients, while seeking new concepts and new tastes.

Innovation is everywhere: the dough becomes softer, Italian style pizza hybridize with other cultures (TexMex, Nordic, German ...), tomato sauce is removed by white sauces ...

Limagrain Ingredients helps you in the challenges of the 21st century pizza:

For the pizza dough:

-      Wheat native flours
-      Sprinkling Flours
-      Anti shrinking agents (extensing agents)
-      Softness
-      Machinability
-      Clean label
-      Nutrition
-      Taste and colors

For sauces:

-      Instant Sauces
-      Resistance to industrial process (acid pH, deep-freezing ...)
-      Creamy texture for white sauces
-      New flavors: TexMex,
-      Nutrition: fiber, protein, wholegrain flours, pulses ...
-      Topping and inclusions