Equine Nutrition

A balanced diet is one of the basic conditions needed to allow horses to function and perform optimally. We offer functional added value for both maintenance and performance feed.

Performance feed featuring Presco FEED ingredients are mainly characterised by a higher energy level. They are predominantly used in muesli and feed pellets. Limagrain Ingredients’ proven Presco FEED process mechanically or thermally renders starch soluble and ensures a high nutritional utilisation thereof, (i.e. the digestibility in the small intestine rises above 90%). This high efficiency applies to almost all of our applied grain types. In addition, the proteins present do denature, however due to the optimized process, protein digestibility remains high >95%, whilst ANF’s (only in pulses) are inactivated. The horse doesn’t need much starch in the diet. As the horse isn’t able to handle starch well, the starch does needs to be high in quality and lightly digestible.

For more information, download Presco Tasty Corn leaflet.