What is a pellet?

A pellet is a semi-finished product, extruded, formed and dried, intended for the Snack Industry. Then it is fried or expanded with hot air by the manufacturers. The pellets’ assets are important: their shape can be elegant consequently they become innovative and high quality products. They will keep for over a year when the pellet is dried. Finally, the implementation (fried mostly) is quite easy and requires a little investment.


« Authentic ingredients » what does it means?

Authentic ingredients are well-known ingredients. It means that they are already used every day in the kitchen as oil, sugar, eggs or flour. In Limagrain Ingredients company, this also the warranty of the absence of chemical treatment or extraction using solvents!


The wheat, this is better than corn … or this is the opposite?

All grains belong to a balanced diet. The more the food diversity is big, the more the risks of deficiencies or overdoses go away. However, some diseases such as the celiac disease require stopping the wheat, rye or barley consumption. These people keep consuming grains thanks to corn or rice.


Why complete or whole grains are they better for the health?

The complete grain contains more fibers, more protein, more mineral and more vitamin than the equivalent that is to say the relined flour (white flour). Consequently, when you eat it, it allows a greater nutrient richness.


Can we do without products with cereals or we can’t?

This is very difficult because starches which include cereals provide the energy necessary to the right functioning of the body. Starches are the essential of the human diet for thousands of years. In France, grain products, such as bread or pasta, are the first source of fibers and magnesium.

What is the functional flour?

Functional flour is a heat treated flour, which will develop specific aspects than a native flour. The functional flour allows: a soft material, a substitution of fat, a nutritional aspect…and much more!
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« Functional ingredients» what does it means?

Limagrain Ingredients offers ingredients with specific functionalities (hence the designation « functional »). Each functionality refers to a researched benefit: reduce the rate of fat, get a nutritional claim and optimize the process.

What is an agricultural cooperative?

A cooperative is a company created and owned by farmers in a way to promote and sell agricultural products. The farmers are both « shareholders » of their cooperative, suppliers and clients of the animal and plant productions. A society of humans, not of capital, which practice an original way of governance, based on the following principle: « one man, one vote».