A new product for calves: PRESCO Tasty Corn


PRESCO Tasty Corn Special Calf provides a new unique solution in calf feeding. The unique PRESCO (for PRESsure COoking) process was developed in our facilities located in Weert (The Netherlands) and it is based on the right combination of pressure, steam and time, perfectly adapted for corn. For ea...

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Cereclean to improve the shelf-life of your bakery products


Cereclean: a Clean Label preservative! Cereclean is an association of functional flour and fermented wheat flour for a Clean Label preservation! Thanks to a unique organic acids profile and functional flour, Cereclean have a lot of benefits. Discover the benefits of our range: Shelf-life exten...

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Give Crispness, Nutrition and Texture to your products!


Toasted broken chickpea & toasted red lentil! Innovation with pulses! The business of providing vegan or vegetarian products is booming in Europe! Thus, to support the bakery industry, cereal bars or snack bars in their quest for innovation, Limagrain Ingredients is launching a new range of toaste...

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Presco Tasty Corn announcement

New Product: Presco® Tasty Corn for horses


Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product development: Presco® Tasty Corn. This product is specially developed for horses and is a good source of energy because of the pre-gelatinization. It can be used in muesli’s and on top of feed and has little abrasion and crushing co...

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