Micro pellets for puffed cakes

Micro pellets

Limagrain Ingredients has been developing micro pellets for puffed cakes for several years. We have multi-cereal recipes based on corn and potatoes. 

We also have a PopChips pilot that allows us to test and develop pellets for light and crunchy crisps!


Potato Micro* Micro 300: potato, salt

Maize Micro*

Micro 105: maize, 0,5% salt
Multicereal Micro Micro 410: maize, wheat, oat, salt
Faba Bean Micro*  Micro 660: faba bean, potato, salt
Yellow Lentil Micro*  Micro 700: yellow lentil, potato, salt

Micro pellets

Best sellers

Micro pellets for puffed cakes
Micro pellets for puffed cakes

Our R&D teams are naturally at your disposal for all specific projects: new recipes – new textures. We can also provide you with support for generating ideas, as well as production line support in connection with equipment suppliers.

* Subject to conditions, please contact your sales contact, thank you.

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