Presco feed

In 1978, Limagrain Ingredients launched a feed range at its industrial flour mill with mostly dried, heat-treated flour. We added a proprietary technology to this in 1988: pressure cooking. The grains processed in this manner have since then been successfully marketed in lightly puffed (relatively hard grains) to fully expanded varieties under the brand name Presco FEED. The different degrees of grain expansion give different textures for a variety of applications with a very consistent quality. An additional advantage is that the expansion of the grains creates a full dilatation of the starch, which fully preserves the original taste and smell and imporves the digestibility of the starch.

Our years of production experience and wide range of flour and puffed grains makes Limagrain Ingredients unique in the domestic and international markets for healthy animal feed. Presco FEED products are thereby ideally suited for producing tasty, easily digestible animal feed of high nutritional value, in particular for piglets and horses.

Together with you, our experienced team and our extensive application knowledge, we develop cost-conscious market products that are trendsetting, naturally pure and of excellent quality.

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