Presco Petfood range

Presco Petfood puffed grains can be used in a wide variety of pet foods and satisfy the nutritional profile for dogs, rodents, birds and other pets. The product can be used in various types of food, including mueslis and dinners. The attractive form and taste enhance the acceptance level of the feed as a whole.

Presco Petfood products are carefully selected and cleaned grains that are treated with the puff process and have a guaranteed content of at least 80% soluble starch. This makes them much easier to digest in comparison to native sources of starch. The other nutrients, such asproteins and oils, have all retained their natural digestibility. Presco Petfood strongly reduces intestinal disorders by facilitating better digestion, which in turn supports healthier animals and longer life.


– Provides optimal digestion and nutrient absorption for pets.

– Nice voluminous appearance.

– Attractive aroma and flavour.

– Better health and longer lives for pets.

Limagrain Ingredients supplies Presco Petfood puffed grains in a variety of cereals such as wheat, barley, rice, and maize. All products are available as whole puffed pellets and broken or flaked varieties. Alternative options include milling or pelleting.