Clean Label

clean label

What is Clean Label?

Clean Label is synonymous with a clear, clean and comprehensible statement for the consumer. Clean Label therefore bans technical terms as well as artificial ingredients, including additives. Food crises have created lots of questions for consumers surrounding their food, as well as a strong demand for authenticity and natural produce. The spirit of this return to the source is part of balanced food and nutrition which prevents illnesses.

Clean Label does however remain an unregulated concept and perception and demands may vary depending on the countries concerned.

From the perspective of the industrial firms which must respond to market demands, this topic may prove to be more complex than it seems. Even if natural solutions exist, standardisation, complex processes, the extension of best before dates and the recipes developed may pose problems in attempting to substitute with the same quality.


Limagrain Ingredients: suppliers of Clean Label solutions.

For more than 30 years, Limagrain Ingredients has been offering many Clean Label solutions...

Thanks to his expertise in managing cereal production and hydrothermal solutions, Limagrain Ingredients has developed highly functional solutions for many applications, combining specific varieties, Thermal processes and mixes.



Download the e-book "Everything you ever wanted to know about the Clean Label for Bakery".


Download the e-book "Natural ingredients: change is in the air!".

clean label e-book

Download the e-book "Everything you always wanted to know about clean label".