Food industry : cost saving ideas

Because today's challenges require you to produce ever faster while reducing your costs, Limagrain Ingredients can provide you with cost-saving solutions. Discover our ingredients that will enable you to reduce your costs without compromising on the quality of your products. Whether you want to reduce or replace costly raw materials, improve your processes or your yield, we have the solution to your needs.


A wide range of cost-saving ingredients for all your applications

cost-saving bakery
Pastries, viennoiseries, sliced breads and special breads
cost-saving culinary 2
Sauces and ready meals, yoghurt and dairy products
cost-saving snacks
Stackable chips and pellets

Explore Cost-Saving

In your bakery products

_Cost-saving + gluten reduction Bakery (560 × 315 px) V3 (1)
By reducing gluten
Cost-saving + fat reduction Bakery (1)-1
By reducing fat
ENCost-saving + better hydration bakery (1)
With a better hydration of the dough

In your pastry products

Cost-saving + nut reduction Pastry (1)-1
By replacing nuts
Cost-saving + fat reduction Pastry v2 (1)
By reducing fat

In your culinary products

Cost-saving + fat reduction Desserts (1)-1
By reducing cream
Cost-saving + fat reduction Sauces (1)-1
By reducing fat

In your snacks

By reducing the use of potatoes


A wide range of natural grain and cereal ingredients to optimise all your products.

Find the Limagrain Ingredients solution most suited to your requirements.

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Best sellers

Glusafe - petit pot détourée-2
Glusafe Plus

Specifically designed by the Limagrain Ingredients experts, this ingredient makes it possible to reduce the quantity of gluten added to bread products!

Innosense Wheat 1000R

A functional wheat flour allowing a reduction of fat in pastries, cakes and culinary products (sauce, dessert cream...)

Innosense wheat 11504

A functional wheat flour that can replace potato raw materials in snacks while maintaining the water absorption capacity of the dough