Wheat flour supplier

Limagrain Ingredients, at the heart of the Limagrain cooperative group, offers a range of wheat flours from its integrated chain.

Thanks to our part in the Limagrain group, a wheat selection expert, Limagrain Ingredients guarantees:

- Full traceability from seed to flour
- Total process control (traceability, cleaning, wheat variety control, etc.)



To constantly meet industrial requirements and provide support for the production of quality finished products throughout the year, Limagrain Ingredients makes use of R&D experts and application laboratories.

R&D expertise

As part of the Limagrain group, and with extensive expertise in cereal varieties, our flours are designed to meet the needs of bakery product manufacturers or caterers.

Thanks to two application laboratories for bread products and caterers, Limagrain Ingredients offers tailor-made R&D support through simulation of your constraints. In addition, Limagrain Ingredients' expertise in improvers means it can offer comprehensive solutions.
Chain and origin

For guaranteed traced origin from the seed, our flours are grown by our farmers in Auvergne. They are high quality and allow us to offer BABY FOOD wheat flours.

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Example of use

Breads and buns

A choice of flours for a wide range of breads: French breads, buns, sandwich loaves, etc.

Fresh pasta

Wheat flours are developed for catering products such as fresh pasta.

Best sellers

T65 native wheat flour

This wheat flour is designed for bakery products with a target protein rate of 10.5% and ash content of 0.62/0.5%.

Baby Food wheat flours

Two of our wheat flours are Baby Food quality: T65 wheat flour and T55 wheat flour.

Organic wheat flours

From our mills, an organic certified T65 wheat flour.