Other inclusions

Grains and cereals as inclusions are the natural option for new recipes
in line with the Clean Label trend!

What could be more natural than flax seeds, millet seeds, buckwheat, oat flakes, etc.? To liven up product ranges naturally. Grains and cereals are essential for combining crispiness with attractive branding and nutritional benefits!



Quality control

Our range includes quality, traceability and safety guarantees in line with industry standards.


Our R&D experts are available to help you choose inclusions suited to your products for new recipes that are both visually appealing and taste great.

Gluten free solutions

Grains, cereals and crushed grains are also available for your gluten free products!

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Example of use

Gluten free muffin with poppy seeds

Poppy seeds make gluten free products more appealing.

Buns toppings

Various seeds are used to add colour or crunchiness.

Best sellers

Brown linseed

linseeds offer visual, taste and nutritional benefits.

Gluten Free seeds or flours

To liven up gluten free recipes: poppy seeds, sunflower seeds and maize flours.

6-seed mix

This 6-seed mixture gives your products attractive branding and a gourmet appearance.