Organic puffed grains

Nutrition is a public health priority At Limagrain Ingredients, we are aware that a healthy diet is key to good health. Today's consumers pay a lot of attention to the nutritional information shown on product labels. Many studies have shown that consumers tend to choose natural products with no additives that are good for their health.

Our aim when developing the Presco organic range through a puffing process was to combine enjoyment and nutrition. All puffed grains in the Presco range have been specially developed to meet current and future consumer requirements. We can help you deal with the many challenges in the agrifood sector thanks to a wide range of textures and expansions. Let’s discover our different types of puffed grains!

Presco puffed grains are produced using a unique production process releasing the starch inside the grain to improve digestion. This process also speeds up the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibre. The nutritional values of the grains are retained optimally through the 100% natural Presco treatment. In addition, this process ensures the uniform expansion of the grains and greater homogeneity from one batch to another for consistent product quality.

Limagrain Ingredients is constantly adapting to its market and has developed the Presco organic range with different forms and densities, from whole grains to flakes, not forgetting crushed grains.



Each grain is harvested by hand and high-pressure heat treated for unique benefits.


Presco puffed grains contain more than 80% pregelatinised starch, known for being more digestible than native starch. The Presco process improves protein digestion capacity like no other short heat treatment process, while guaranteeing a reduction in anti-nutritional factors.


Presco puffed grains are perfect for adding to and improving the texture of products. The expansion of the grain can be adjusted to your needs so it can be added to any type of recipe for various applications.

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Organic Presco Wheat

These puffed organic wheat grains are notably used for muesli, granola or bread.