Texturising functional flours

A 100% Clean Label range, an alternative solution to thickeners and starch. For easily adding Clean Label viscosity to ready meals, soups, breads, pastries
and dairy products with a "Flour" declaration.

Innosense functional flours are born from a synergy between our cereal know-how, via variety selection, and our heat treatment know-how. Therefore, the wide range of functional flours from Limagrain Ingredients meets all requirements in terms of texture (viscosity of doughs, softness of finished products, texture of sauces, etc).

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The additive-free solution for a wide range of applications! With a high-quality range with optimal microbiological properties, Limagrain Ingredients meets all agrifood requirements.

Clean Label

Limagrain Ingredients' functional flours are produced using heat treatment and labeled "flour".

Gluten Free and Allergen Free

Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of Gluten Free corn, pulse or rice flours to meet consumer needs.


Our R&D teams are experts in supporting customer projects from our three application laboratories. We are able to offer solutions suited to your needs by recreating industrial conditions.

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Example of use

Clean Label sauce

In a sauce, our functional flours replace the modified corn starch and the thickener resulting in only Clean Label ingredients: "Transformed corn starch and E415 thickener" naturally become "wheat (or rice) flour".

Clean Label breads and cakes

For optimal dough texture, improved hydration, softness, good inclusions distribution, replacement of gums, etc. There is a 100% Clean Label functional flour for every problem.

Best sellers

Wheat H1 - petit pot détourée-1
Innosense Wheat H1

A functional flour providing cold and hot viscosity in a wide range of applications.

T65 - Petit pot détourée-1
Innosense Wheat 11501

A functional wheat flour that adds significant cold viscosity.

Rice LV - petit pot détourée
Innosense Rice H1

This functional flour is ideal for all Gluten Free products.