Carriers for Feed

With our diverse technical possibilities, we can adjust our products in such a way that they have a high degree of functionality and carrier capacity. These are used, for example, to absorb liquid products such as organic acids or oils. However, dry sensitive components such as enzymes or micro-active substances can also be efficiently bound.

Limagrain carrier materials are characterized by high microbiological quality, defined parameters and high product constancy.

Products with low dust formation are offered as well as high demands on fluidity or digestibility by the animal. Limagrain Ingredients produces a range of natural carriers based on pressure cooking, extrusion and special drying technologies. They are used to carry liquids, dry components or fatty and organic materials on its high binding points.

Flours (pet, uni and bitex) 2


We offer an appropriate and economical solution for every need. Limagrain Ingredients is very experienced in carrier solutions. Also use the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and our high-quality range for products.

Natural & Clean Label

100% Clean Label solution covered by the declaration "wheat flour and improving the processability of sensitive raw materials and active substances.


Our carrier solutions have unique binding properties while guaranteeing target grain size and perfect fluidity.


We offer solutions based on different grain and non grain materials, wether fine milled, special dried with a nutrition background.

Very low microbiological level

Our ingredients for carrier applications meet the strictest microbiological & bacteriological requirements.

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Example of use

Carriers for enzymatic preparations

Limagrain Ingredients has been involved with the development of enzyme carriers for more than 20 years.

Carriers for emulsifiers

Functional flours are key as specific & natural carriers for emulsifiers, organic acids and fatty substances.

Best sellers

Presco Baby Wheat Meal

A perfect Carrier and binder for many liquid feed components based on pressure Cooked and special grinded maize.

Uniflour 31501

An extruded wheat flour ideal as carriers