Petfood industry

At Limagrain Ingredients, we develop our ingredients with nutrition and functionality in mind. We apply this winning recipe to all our ranges, including our Petfood range. Our pet food manufacturing process is elaborated to meet industry requirements in terms of quality and nutrition. Tasty and functional, our pet food ingredients are made for all categories of animals.


We have a varied range from heat-treated flours made from various raw materials (PetFlour) to cereals processed by high-pressure cooking. Our unique know-how allows us to offer you a wide range of ingredients for overcoming any challenges.

Our expertise
We offer a wide range of tasty and functional solutions for the Pet Food industry.
Functional flours
Our PetFlour range includes heat-treated flours acting as binders in the finished product even at low temperatures.
Nutritional solutions
Whatever you need, we can help you with a tailor-made solution based on the nutritional profile required.
High added value
Presco puffed grains add something to the aroma, taste and appearance and is perfect for rodents, birds and horses.
Cold-pressed pellet solutions
Our flours improve the binding strength and nutritional values of your cold-pressed pellets.


A wide range of cereal and grain-based ingredients combining nutrition and functionality.

Find the Limagrain Ingredients solution most suited to your requirements.

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