Masa flours

Limagrain Ingredients has been a masa flour expert for more than thirty years. This is a special ingredient used in Tex Mex products: tortilla chips, tacos, soft tortillas or even corn chips.

Masa flours are traditionally made using a nixtamalisation process but this requires a lot of water and energy. Limagrain Ingredients has developed a patented hydrothermal process for obtaining similar products while improving the consistency, shelf life and environmental impact of the masa flour.
We have a wide range of masa flours and we are constantly working with our customers to consider all of their requirements: texture, taste and production process for TexMex products.


Superior quality

Continuous adjustment of our production properties results in consistent quality and a product similar to that achieved with the traditional process.


Innosense Masa is a wide range of masa flours that meet the needs of every manufacturer. An expert team is available to customers to adapt or improve current solutions.

Technical expertise

Our technical know-how means we can consider every factor when producing our Innosense Masa flours: the raw material (corn type and variety), the heat treatment itself and the final application (texture and taste) and our customers' production process.

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Example of use

There are many TexMex applications (tortilla chips, tacos, soft tortillas, corn chips) that require specific masa flours to produce the best product possible.

Tortillas chips

Crispy or crunchy, with a more or less TexMex taste… There are tortilla chips to suit every taste. Our masa flours can meet all of these needs.

Soft tortillas

The masa flours developed by Limagrain Ingredients are perfect for use in the production of soft tortillas, a staple on TexMex shelves. Limagrain Ingredients develops masa flour solutions for all taste and texture needs.


Innosense Masa 5119

A versatile masa can be used to produce crunchy tortilla chips or soft tortillas

Innosense Tasty Masa

An innovative masa adding a TexMex taste and resembling the taste of tortilla chips made using a traditional process.

Innosense Masa 6129

For crunchier textures, this masa with a larger grain size is perfect for "crunchy" tacos or tortilla chips.