Micropellets for popped chips ingredients & Puffed cakes

Popped chips and puffed snacks are growing in popularity thanks to the increased consumer focus on nutrition and healthy eating. 
While many diners can’t resist a salty snack, they want to choose one that’s low in calories, fats and salt. So, they’re seeking tasty alternatives that are lower in fat and still just as delicious as regular chips, cakes and other treats. 

That’s why we’ve embraced this latest food trend and launched a selection of micropellets that can be used in a range of healthy snack foods.

Micropellets are small billets that can be used to make puffed cakes and popped chips, for crunchy snacks with less added fat.

In order to combine enjoyment and wellbeing, Limagrain Ingredients has developed a range of micropellets made of different raw materials. These include corn, potato, pulses or multi grains, so you can choose from a selection of options and create the perfect products that your customers will love.


Benefits of Micropellets

There are many benefits to choosing micropellets for your company’s popped chips and healthy snack offering. If you’re going to use these pop chip ingredients in your products, then it’s best that you work with a manufacturer that offers the highest possible quality products. Some of the benefits of choosing Limagrain Ingredients for your micropellets include:

Popped chips: Pleasure and nutrition

Our micropellets are used to make puffed cakes and puffed chips which are perfectly crunchy and light thanks to lower fat content. So, these products taste just as good as regular crisps or cakes, but with less fat.

Pop Chips Ingredients Are Easy to use

Our micropellets are suitable for all types of puffed snack equipment: CEREX, PELLEX or even PUFFING GUN. So, whatever you want to create with them, you can craft it using these versatile pop chip ingredients.

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Example of use

Puffed cakes

On their own or mixed with other raw materials such as flaking grits or rice grains, micropellets are perfect for using in PELLEX equipment to produce puffed cakes or cereal cakes.

"rich in protein" popped chips

Small light and crunchy chips, popped chips are made from micropellets. Using our Fava Bean Micropellets High in Protein, used 100% in the recipe, the claim "rich in protein" can be easily made on the popped chips packet! A perfect combination of nutrition and delicacy, with no bitterness from the fava bean.


Maize Micropellet

This corn micropellet is used to make puffed cakes or popped chips with a delicate corn taste and an attractive colour.

"High in Protein"
Faba Bean micropellet

A pulse micropellet (fava bean) developed specially to be able to make the claim "rich in protein" on puffed cakes or popped chips!

Multigrain Micropellet

For guaranteed enjoyment, these micropellets are used to make popped chips and puffed cakes with a unique multigrain taste.