Puffed Grains for
Petfood & Feed

Nutritionists develop animal feed products with a focus on the nutritional value and functionality of the ingredients. Nutritional value mainly refers to energy and protein content. While functionality refers to solubility or even the binding properties of the ingredients.

The product's composition has a major impact on animal health and growth. Visual appearance and taste are equally important for the product to be accepted by both the animal and its owner.

Limagrain Ingredients' know-how and experience guarantees high quality ingredients for pet food and animal feed. Our ranges are developed in partnership with nutritional experts and our customers to guarantee the best experience with our ingredients.

Presco puffed grains are produced using a unique production process in which the starch in the grain is made more digestible. This process also speeds up the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibres. The nutritional values of the grains are retained optimally through the 100% natural Presco treatment. In addition, this process ensures the uniform expansion of the grains and greater homogeneity from one batch to another for consistent product quality.

Limagrain Ingredients is constantly in touch with its market and has developed the Presco range with different forms and densities from whole grains to flakes, not forgetting crushed grains, flours and pellets which are easy to use in formulations.



The raw materials used to produce PRESCO puffed grains are carefully selected and high-pressure heat treated giving the ingredients unique benefits.


Presco puffed grains contain more than 80% pregelatinised starch, known for being more digestible than native starch. The Presco process improves protein digestion capacity like no other heat treatment process, while guaranteeing a reduction in anti-nutritional factors.


Presco puffed grains are perfect for adding texture to your products The grain's degree of expansion can be adapted to your needs to suit all types of recipes and create innovative products.


Puffed grains are subject to pressure cooking and give finished products a better sensory experience in terms of taste, aroma and visual appearance. This combination improves the palatability of the product for the animal as well as owner perception.

Example of use

Presco products can be used in a range of pet food and animal feed applications. Presco puffed grains are versatile and offer considerable added value to finished products, whether in terms of taste, aroma, visual appearance or nutritional composition.


Presco puffed grains are widely used in different pet food products: muesli, pellets, treats, wet or semi-wet feed, etc. Their form, aroma and taste improve product palatability significantly.  Presco treatment improves starch digestion thus reducing intestinal problems for animals, such as diarrhoea. Presco puffed grains ensure that pets get all the nutrients they need to stay in good health for longer.


Because the digestion of young animals is still under development, they need precooked rather than raw ingredients in their diets. Thanks to Presco puffed grains, young animals such as calves can thrive on fully pregelatinized grains, while enjoying their palatability.