Functional flours for process improvement

Whatever the manufacturing process for human food products, the resistance and good behaviour of the ingredients is essential. Limagrain Ingredients develops and offers its Innosense Process range of functional flours perfect for better processability of Clean Label ingredients.

Innosense process functional flours are developed by uniquely combining Limagrain Ingredients' cereal know-how (via our variety selection) and heat treatment know-how.

This process is used to develop special functional flours (viscosity, water retention, granulometry, etc) which improve product characteristics during the production of finished products.



These functional flours are available with a wheat, corn, rice or pulse base.

Improved machinability

Limagrain Ingredients's range of functional flours optimises the characteristics of doughs and sauces during production of finished products. Better flow for perfect uniformity, better viscosity to avoid sticking, resistance to freezing-defrosting or sterilisation processes, etc.

Clean Label

The functional flour range is a 100% Clean Label "flour" solution in the composition of the finished product.

Microbiology and stability

To meet the strictest microbiological requirements, bacteriological quantities are more than 20 times lower than in native flour. They also offer unrivalled stability during shelf life thanks to the 100% deactivation of the enzymes responsible for rancidity.

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Example of use

Sauces for ready meals

Functional flours can be used to achieve optimal viscosity for a sauce. This guarantees good pumpability and eliminates blockages that could lead to line stoppages. In addition, our functional wheat, corn or pulse flours avoid synerisis over time.

Direct extruded snacks

Many flours are incompatible with single screw extruders. The granular functional flours in the "process improvement" range can be used to prevent build-up in the feed system and the barrel. They encourage excellent flow and perfect uniformity with no risk of separation unlike some native flours.

Best sellers

Innosense Faba Bean TM40

This functional bean flour guarantees optimal flow and easy use in extrusion.

Innosense Wheat H1

This functional wheat flour improves product hydration for greater softness and optimal shelf life.

Innosense Wheat 100

This functional wheat flour stabilised at a very low microbiological level is ideal for dusting and prevents dough from sticking (blockages, line stoppages, etc.)