3D Shape Snacks Pellets

For a unique sensory experience and guaranteed enjoyment, Limagrain Ingredients offers a range of crunchy pellets with unique 3D shapes with a delicate corn flavour.

The 3D pellets range is a unique range with surprising crunch and able to be expanded by frying or using warm air.

The 3D pellets range has been developed by Limagrain Ingredients using special corn varieties from our partners.

This high-quality raw material developed specially for pellets gives the 3D pellets a unique texture and pleasant corn taste.



Added crunch

The 3D pellet technology is unique and gives the hot-air fried or expanded snack an extraordinarily crunchy texture for more eating enjoyment.

Optimal density per pack

Thanks to the density of the 3D snack pellet, fried or hot-air-expanded snack packs are filled to optimum capacity.

Better taste support

In addition to their corn flavour, the 3D shape of these snack pellets allows excellent retention of the aroma by the snack.

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Example of use

Fried 3D snacks

Like the majority of 3D snack pellets, our range of pellets can be fried for optimal crispiness!

Breakfast cereals with a sugar coating

Our 3D corn snack pellets can very easily be used in a breakfast cereal application with a sweet chocolate coating for example. The perfect chocolate corn mix for a tasty and crunchy morning.

Best sellers


An essential form of 3D snack pellets from Limagrain Ingredients. In the shape of a pillow for double crunch!


This mix includes 3 3D shapes for a surprising appearance.