Pressure cooked ingredients
for Petfood & Feed

Limagrain Ingredients produces a wide range of attractive gelatinised cereals, produces with the unique Presco Technology. They meet the animal nutrition needs of young animals, like piglets and calf’s but also pets. In addition, our products have unique functional properties such as high binding capacities and excellent smell and taste.

In order to meet the technical requirements of animal feed producers, the Presco Feed ingredients are available in different forms: pelletized, coarse and finer flours or granulates. The wide range of raw materials consists of corn, wheat, barley as well as rice and sorghum. Mixtures of these are also produced.



The pressure Cooked Cereals receive the most applicable heat- and steam treatment. Not more than and not less than needed.

An improved palatability
These products are easy to use in early ages concentrates for improving palatability for young farm animals, thanks to a great aroma.
Our wholegrains have a unique taste and highly digestible energy.
Highest level of starch gelatinisation

Presco Pressure Cooked Cereals ensure the highest degree of starch breakdown while saving all other nutrients.

Effective in Fibre treatment

High raw fibre treatment to achieve new texture. Optimal for the best growth, maximum digestibility and high health status of the animals.

Easy to use

The processability of our feed ingredients is versatile, can be easily added to any formulation of farm animals including calves, piglets, poultry and fish. With a wide range based on cereal (maize, wheat, barley, rice, sorghum…), you can choose from to meet all the needs by young animals.

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Examples of use

Limagrain's pre-cooked ingredients are used for many different purposes.

Formulas for young animals

Because they provide energy and fibre that it is easily assimilated during weaning, our precooked range are widely used in piglet and calf feed. Added to solid feed in early life stage up to 30%, they ensure a best growth at a high health level.

Pet Food, cold pressed

As they offer the highest digestibility of all nutrients, our pre-cooked ingredients are used in pressed pellets for pets such as dogs. As an ingredient in pet food, they ensure safe food intake, an attractive taste and maximum nutrient utilization. They also ensure good cold bonding and stability of the croquettes.


Three different ingredients with three different raw materials for three different applications.

Presco Baby Corn

The piglet feed market is very fond of this ingredient: it is easy to use in early formulations and provides easily digestible energy and palatability in pig feed. More than 80% of the starch is unlocked after the treatment.

Presco Feed Hi Energie

The perfect combination of two heat-treated ingredients (barley and maize) specially developed for piglets. Presco Feed Hi-Energie promotes optimal food intake, high feed efficiency and good weight gain. It also provides excellent sources of fiber that help the young animal well in the development of the digestive system.

Presco Baby Rice

The pre-cooked rice for pet food products. With a full embryo seedling, highly starch treated and very easy to digest. Grown in Europe.