Functional flours

Innosense is Limagrain Ingredients’ brand of functional flours.

Designed to meet the challenges of modern food production, these functional flours are the result of the synergy between our cereal expertise and the mastery of our innovative flour processing techniques.

For more than 30 years, our 100% Clean Label functional flours have been able to meet the major challenges of the food industry: optimisation of texture, nutrition and processes, or carrier solutions and masa flours.

Each of the products in our range of functional flours is designed to ensure optimal taste and appearance of the finished product while being less cost and resource-intensive.

The Innosense range of functional flours offers many possibilities such as starch replacement, hydration improvement, cost-saving or fibre & protein enrichment while always providing a natural, flour declaration.

Innosense range

Your challenges, our solutions. 

At Limagrain Ingredients we understand the many challenges and pressures that the modern food production industry faces.

To help, we’ve put together five collections of functional flours that are dedicated to all food applications. So, whatever you need, you can find it in the Innosense range.

Find the Limagrain Ingredients solution most suited to your requirements.

Safer & Better ingredients

Boosting Nutrition


Texture expertise


Optimised process

Clear Label carriers


Clean Label

Masa flours for Tex-Mex products

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