At Limagrain Ingredients, we develop our ingredients with nutrition and functionality in mind. We apply this winning recipe to all our ranges, including our race horse nutrition range. Muesli, pellets and performance feed in the equine horse feed sector are specifically designed to meet race horse nutrition requirements in terms of energy, health and competition. Our race horse food combines welfare and performance needs for a complete horse solution.


A balanced diet is one of the basic conditions required for health and performance in horses. We offer added functional value for both maintenance feed and performance feed.

Our range includes different puffed grains compatible with horse feed muesli. Its delicious aroma and great taste make it a popular feed with a high level of acceptance from horses. The addition of puffed grains is also recommended to improve the digestion of muesli.
Presco Feed ingredients are characterized by a higher energy supply and are often used in feed pellets.
Performance feed
Like the entire Presco Feed range, performance feed is characterised by a high energy intake. The glucose pregelatinisation stage provides all the energy needed for performance use.  

Ingredient solutions

A wide range of cereal and grain-based ingredients combining health and performance for horses.

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New product for Horses feed

Presco Tasty Corn is a new and unique solution for horses feed. The Presco process (for PREssure COoking) combines pressure and steam for a very short but optimal heat-treatment.

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