Pellet mixes

Enjoyment is the main reason consumers buy snacks: enjoyment of a new sensory experience, new tastes, different colours, textures or shapes. It is therefore quite natural that Limagrain Ingredients' range includes pellet mixes.

Limagrain Ingredients' pellet mixes are carefully developed and can be fried together, thus meeting consumers' expectations for ever more surprising and delicious mixes of tastes, colours or textures.

It is a simple and innovative way to enhance snack ranges with the possibility of developing mixes.



Enjoyment thanks to the mix of tastes and textures

The mixes of our different pellets mean you can vary tastes, textures and therefore sensory experiences thanks to combinations of types or recipes (corn and potato).

Simplicity with our custom mixes

Limagrain Ingredients also offers the option of creating your own pellet mix with the various best sellers in our range. Our "Shape your mixes" concept undoubtedly meets manufacturer and consumer needs.

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Exemple d’application

Direct extruded fried mix

The Favorit Mix, the flagship product in our pellet mix range, offers crunchy, crispy and melting textures, with a mix of potato and corn flavours for the consumer's enjoyment. All the mixes in our range are fried.

Nut mixes

Our pellet mixes can also be used in a nut mix – a very dynamic segment on the snack shelves – for greater consumer enjoyment.

Best sellers

Our range currently includes several pellet mixes. But custom mixes are also an option thanks to the "Shape your mix" concept!

Favorit Mix

This mix is made from 5 different pellets, corn and potato, with ever more surprising textures.

Football Mix

This mix is perfect for sale during major sporting events for fun enjoyment.

Mega Mix

This mega mix is a 100% potato mix with 3 different shapes for a mix of pleasant and tasty textures.