Nutrition functional flours

Consumers are looking for products that are more nutritional and better for their health with a clear and understandable composition. Limagrain Ingredients' Innosense Nutrition range of functional flours meets this demand while improving processability for manufacturers.

Limagrain Ingredients uses a patented process to develop functional flours with technical characteristics able to improve the organoleptic or nutritional properties of a wide range of finished products.

Limagrain Ingredients' Innosense Nutrition range of functional flours is an essential nutritional addition to food products increasing protein and fibre content and guaranteeing stability of the flours.

Gamme nutrition détourée



Improve the nutritional profile of finished products by adding protein or fibre using functional pulse or wholewheat flours.

Clean Label

The nutrition functional flour range is a 100% Clean Label "flour" solution in the finished product.

Microbiology and stability

To meet the strictest microbiological requirements, bacteriological quantities in our flours are more than 20 times lower than in native flour. They also offer unrivalled stability during shelf life thanks to the 100% deactivation of the enzymes responsible for rancidity.

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Example of use

Breaded products

In order to accompany manufacturers of breaded products (breaded chicken, breaded fish, tempura, etc.) towards greater nutrition, functional flours as a batter ensure that breaded products hold together well while offering solutions that are nutritionally more interesting (enriched with vegetable proteins, gluten free and Clean Label, etc.).

Meat substitute with chickpea functional flour

To meet a growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products on the shelves, functional pulse flours are an excellent choice for adding protein to products like meat substitutes! The bitterness of the pulses is also reduced by the heat treatment of the flour.

"Rich in fibre" breakfast cereals

Limagrain Ingredients' functional wholegrain flours not only add fibre but there are also many benefits of the breakfast cereal extrusion process: improved expansion properties, optimal distribution of the size of extrusion particles, excellent flow and perfect uniformity with no risk of separation and greater stability compared to native flours.

Best sellers

Innosense Chickpea

This functional fine chickpea flour has a delicate taste and is ideal for adding protein to finished products.

Innosense Bran Fine

This stabilised wheat bran has a controlled grain size and an optimal shelf life due to its heat treatment.

Innosense Whole Maize

This functional wholegrain corn flour is guaranteed gluten free for added fibre with a great taste and name.