Fibres & Germs

The health trend is now a key part of agrifood resulting in improvements to breakfast cereals, bakery products, pastries, snacks or animal feed.

Our eating habits today have caused a reduction in fibre consumption, which now stands at around 20g fibre/day. The recommendation is 25-30g/day which means that the amount of natural fibre in products is a major issue.



Limagrain Ingredients offers a range of solutions to enrich food products naturally:


Mainly sourced from our chains, our wheat and corn fibres boast traceability and optimal quality.


Limagrain Ingredients' fibres and germs are thermally stabilised and heat-treated to guarantee optimal shelf life and a great cereal taste with no bitterness.


Different grain sizes, medium or fine, are available for use in all product types: biscuits, breads, etc.

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Example of use


A biscuit designated as being "rich in fibre" made using Innosense Wheat Bran, a wheat bran. It has no bitter or rancid taste and is easy to roll for biscuits naturally "rich in fibre"!

Breakfast cereals

Our brans are made through thermal treatment, aiming to gather all thin particles. Unlike other insolubles fibers, our fibers allows a significant improvement of the final product texture and density for better crunchness!

Best sellers

For natural nutritional enrichment!

Innosense Wheat Bran

The wheat bran is heat treated to retain all the nutritional benefits without altering the taste.

Innosense Wheat

Our stabilised germs are "rich in magnesium" adding concentrated nutrition to your products.