What makes us different


Limagrain Ingredients is the only company on the market able to guarantee perfect control of its chain, from variety selection to production of the ingredient.

When it comes to flour milling, heat treatment, pressure cooking or even extrusion, our company uses no chemical treatments.

At Limagrain Ingredients, we are in complete control of our chain, from selection to the ingredient, offering our customers 100% traceability to guarantee 100% reliable and traced products.


Closer to you

Our solutions help manufacturers with consumer challenges and offer healthy and tastier products from responsible chains.

Greater enjoyment

Through a real sensory experience in terms of taste or texture when tasting a product.

More natural

Using natural ingredients like cereals or pulses for more authenticity.



With solutions to reduce fat, salt or sugar in finished products and increase fibre or protein.

Improved customisation

Some of the most common trends in recent years: Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic or even Baby Food.


The guarantee of safe ingredients from responsible and sustainable chains.

More sustainable

Enrich food and feed with sustainable plant-based proteins.


More transparency

This means: fewer antibiotics and industrial treatments and no chemical additives.

Better care for the environment

Use of a reasoned crop for a balance between production and respect for the environment.


Better adapted

Solutions for an appetising, healthy, nutritious and easy-to-digest product.

More practical

Ingredients able to extend the product's shelf life as well as instant solutions.

Clean label

Clean Label is synonymous with a clear, clean and comprehensible declaration for the consumer. This trend excludes additives from these ingredients.

To find out more about Clean Label, download our white paper entitled "Everything you have always wanted to know about Clean Label".