Limagrain Ingredients,
what we do?

We create healthy and nutritional sensory experiences. We use grains and cereals to design safe and natural ingredients with unique properties.

We work with the major players in agrifood, pet food and animal nutrition. We work so that they always have what they need to overcome current and future challenges.


By your side

We act in the interests of the consumer by offering healthy, natural and tasty ingredients while being transparent about the source of our products.


We are well aware of the challenges faced by manufacturers, which is why our products are designed to be perfectly adapted to their processes.

The vision of Emmanuel Goujon

“Limagrain Ingredients reveals the natural potential of grain. Created from the merger of Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and Unicorn grain specialties, Limagrain Ingredients draws its strength from two fundamental beliefs:
Life can be enriched by healthy nutritional experiences. Grain is the cornerstone for well-balanced nutrition.
This is the reason why Clean Label and nutrition are at the core of its ecosystem. From raw material to ingredients, including industrialization processes, we aim to offer delicious, healthy and balanced nutrition.
However Limagrain Ingredients also enjoys a challenge and has innovation at its heart. It focuses its R&D investments and leading expertise on its industrial customers to help them respond to the growing expectations of consumers in a purposeful and winning way.
Limagrain Ingredients naturally innovates, that is what makes us unique, that is our signature.”

Emmanuel Goujon

Key figures

330 000
tonnes of ingredients sold per year
people in Research & Development
million euros
in turnover

Code of conduct

Download the code of conduct

The Limagrain Code of Conduct has existed since 2015. It is a means for all employees to speak a common language; to find the same principles of governance and ethics within the Group.

Every employee in the world must be aware of the existence of the Code of Conduct and its purpose, its content, and must be able to use it if necessary.

A whistleblowing system is available to receive any reports of acts contrary to the "Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct".

Download the code of conduct


" At Limagrain Ingredients, we highlight the natural benefits of grains and cereals. All our production processes are designed to allow us to offer 100% natural products with various properties. We do not use chemical treatments in our factories; we use various processes such as crushing and extrusion or even thermal processing and high-pressure steam treatment. The command of our chain allows us to be involved from the grain to its transformation. We are able to offer complete traceability to our customers and provide them with safe products with full transparency. Finally, our know-how covers the use of our ingredients in a range of agrifood, pet food and animal feed applications. Our distinctive selling point on the market comes from this know-how, which makes us unique. "

René Coenen
Sales and Marketing Director

Our presence in Europe

Limagrain Ingredients has production sites and sales offices across Europe.

  • production Production sites
  • Centre_R&D R&D centers
  • Polygone Sales offices
  • Rectangle Head office
4 production sites in Auvergne
  • production Saint-Ignat wheat mill
  • production Ennezat Maize mill
  • production Ennezat pellets factory
  • production Riom mixes and improvers factory
Riom head office
Riom R&D center
1 production side in the North
  • production Arques functional flours factory
The Netherlands
  • production Presco and functional flours factory
  • Centre_R&D Weert R&D center
  • Polygone Weert sales office
United Kingdom
  • Polygone Rothwell sales office
  • Polygone Greven sales office

The Limagrain group

Limagrain Ingredients is a subsidiary of LIMAGRAIN. Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by almost 1,500 farmers located in Limagne in the Allier Valley (in the centre of France) and an international seed group with over 10,000 members in 56 countries.

The Group selects, produces and sells seeds for field crops, vegetable crops and cereal products. Focused on the genetic progress of plants, it is driven by one objective: to work towards the advancement of agriculture everywhere, for all.

Limagrain is the world's fourth largest seed supplier and, through its recognised brands in their respective markets, such as LG, Vilmorin, Hazera, Harris Moran and Jacquet-Brossard, achieves turnover of €1,883 M in addition to €678 M in turnover from activities carried out jointly with its strategic partners.



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