Maize mill products
for Petfood & Feed

Limagrain Ingredients produces a wide range of maize mill products. Sourced from special corn varieties and adapted to different industrial uses and needs of petfood and animal nutrition.

Our maize mill products, like Flours and grits, come from corn grown by the Limagrain cooperative farmers in Auvergne, and add a unique taste and delicious texture to petfood and feed products.

From the selection of varieties adapted to extrusion technology to final ingredients, all our maize flours and grits bears the Limatrace guarantee, ensuring of optimal food safety, full traceability, batch to batch consistency, functionality and respect for the environment



All our maize flours and grits are produced in our maize mill located in France.
All these ingredients are well appreciated for petfood & animal nutrition for three main reasons:


French origin guaranteed, from the seed to the ingredient, all the steps are managed by Limagrain group.


Thanks to our unique crop area (Plaine de Limagne) and a reduced and controlled varietal mix, we're able to guarantee consistency from one batch to another.


The maize varieties used in our mill are selected for their good properties during cooking extrusion.

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Examples of use


Thanks to their excellent extrusion behaviour, our ingredients are easily used in dry petfood, to create healthy and palatable products.


In addition to the main mill products, the by-products of our corn mill (bran, germs, fatty meal ...) are in great demand from the animal feed industry because of their high calorie, fat and fiber profile.


15.05 Maize flour

A perfect & consistent maize four for petfood application (dry application).