Healthy snack pellets

Healthy snacking is no longer a short-lived trend; the creation of balanced snacks has become essential. To meet this strong consumer expectation, Limagrain Ingredients has developed a range of snack pellets with an improved nutritional profile.

Healthy snacking covers various ideas: a snack that is better for your health due to an improvement in its nutritional profile (less fat, less salt, less sugar, more fibre, more protein, etc.) or a snack that contributes to your well-being thanks to additional benefits (naturalness, vegetarian, local, allergen-free). The Limagrain Ingredients range of snack pellets meets these needs.



More nutritional snacks without compromising on taste and texture: this is the challenge we are facing when developing new snack pellets.

Less fat

Snack pellets suitable for hot air expansion or micropellets for popped chips and puffed cakes; these solutions drastically reduce the addition of oil to the final snack!

More protein

Snack pellets and micropellets made from pulses and cereals provide new delicious tastes with a better nutritional profile and higher protein.

Less salt

Salt is a key ingredient in the composition of snacks, but our pellets with no or less salt remain crunchy and perfectly formed after expansion.

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Example of use

Snacks with less salt, less fat, more protein or fibre... our range includes pellets and micropellets for all types of application.

Direct extruded snacks

Fried or expanded using warm air, our snack pellet solutions can be free from salt, low in salt or more nutritional! While maintaining surprising tastes and textures.

Puffed snacks

Less fat than traditional snacks, puffed snacks are becoming more common on our shelves. Our micropellets are perfectly adapted to poppers and add an even crunchier texture, while maintaining a positive nutritional profile.

Best sellers

Wavy bean

Discover this direct cut wavy fava bean snack pellet, which is gluten free and contains less salt.

"High in Protein" micropellet

Use the claim "rich in protein" on your popped chips thanks to the "High in protein" fava bean micropellet.

Twist LSLA

A potato-based snack pellet developed to prevent the formation of acrylamide after expansion and with low salt content.