Specialty flours

To enrich the nutritional profile of finished products naturally, discover our rye, spelt, corn, oat and barley flours.

Limagrain Ingredients is a great partner for grains and cereals and offers a wide range of different varieties of special flours.

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For improved nutrition and attractive designations.

Nutrition and quality

A wide range of stabilised flours for optimal shelf life and ease of use.

Attractive designations

For new recipes meeting consumer requirements for naturalness and tradition, discover the choice of spelt, rye and oat flours.

Traceability & origin

Guaranteed traceability, a story, an origin different from most of our products thanks to our partner farmers in Limagne. Thanks to a precise production process, we offer high-quality flours, specifically Baby Food corn flours.

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Example of use

Baby food maize flour

Our flours developed for baby food are subject to the most stringent food safety and microbiological criteria.

Multigrain bread

Bring speciality flours (oat, spelt etc.)  and grain mixes together for a bread with a story to tell.


Best sellers

Limalin - petit pot détourée
Limalin gold

The combination of a flaxseed flour and stabilised wheat for omega 3 enrichment.

Farine davoine entière - petit pot détourée
Oat flour

From our Limagne chain, this flour offers traceability from seed to flour.

Farine dépeautre - petit pot détourée
Spelt flour

This spelt flour meets consumer authenticity requirements.