Functional flours for feed

Limagrain Ingredients' range of functional flours for Feed application is improving the processability and properties of the products and meets the nutritional needs of young animals.

Limagrain Ingredients develops functional flours for all types of feed applications that meet most technological and nutritional requirements. High solubility and viscosity properties as well as best acceptance or carrier functionalities are achieved. We always offer our customers the best solution within the large product range.



Nutrition & diversity

Release of the highest functional properties of grain for feed and feed ingredients such as target solubility or viscosity with the guarantee of high assimilable nutrients by using a wide range of raw materials such as wheat, corn, rice, peas and others.

Natural & Clean Label

100% Clean Label "flour" solutions in the finished product.

Microbiology & stability

Our flours meet the strict microbiological requirements of our customers and industry. Through various technological and thermal treatments of the flours as well as the targeted selection of raw materials, we can adjust our products accordingly. This is reflected in the long shelf life and high stability of the flours.

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Example of use

Functional flours for piglet nutrition

Due to the selection of hyper prolific sows, where the sow’s milk supply may be insufficient to support growing piglets, sow milk replacer and rescue is provided so that piglets can get extra quick energy and easily digestible nutrients to enhance their vitality and survivability.
Both the technological requirements for this milk and the expectation of very high digestibility depend crucially on the high quality of the used components. Our flours meet all the requirements for this quality, such as high viscosity, microbiological stability, high binding capacity as well as excellent digestibility and high acceptance. Our wide range of functional flours provide quick energy and can be easily incorporated with milk ingredients in piglet milk replacer.

Functional flours in calf milk replacers

To reduce the cost of calf milk replacers without imparting negative effect on animal performance, functional flours are a good alternative or supplement to dairy products. The dispersibility and water solubility of these flours provide great stability while good microbiological quality is also guaranteed for longer periods in milk tanks. Micro-grinding prevents formation of lumps and guarantees that the product can be mixed with other dry components. Functional flours can also be included in calf’s concentrates, which brings quick energy for rumen development.

Best sellers

UniFlour 31501

Extruded and ground wheat flour as an economical ingredient for milk replacer products.

Uniflour 31301

Heat treated flour with a very fine particle size.
Cold viscosity and clean label.
Useful for calf milk replacer.