Functional flours for feed

Limagrain Ingredients' range of FEED functional flours meets the nutritional needs of young animals while improving processability of the products.

Limagrain Ingredients develops functional flours for young animals (piglets, calves, etc), providing a digestible plant matrix, more available energy for the animals and improving palatability and everyday use.




To make products more digestible and more palatable, with the guarantee of more assimilable energy, "rich in protein and fibre", using a wide range of raw ingredients (wheat, corn, barley, rice, chickpeas, etc).

Clean Label

100% Clean Label "flour" solutions in the finished product.

Microbiology and stability

To meet the strictest microbiological requirements, bacteriological quantities are more than 20 times lower than in native flour. They also offer unrivalled stability during shelf life thanks to the 100% deactivation of the enzymes responsible for rancidity.

Example of use

Functional flours for piglet nutrition

During weaning, piglets are extremely sensitive and need solid early age food able to provide high levels of available energy. Functional corn, barley, wheat or rice flours are ideal for providing pregelatinised starch which is easily assimilable for the piglet's digestive tract.

Functional flours in calf milk replacers

To reduce the cost of calf milk replacers without imparting negative effect on animal performance, functional flours are a good alternative or supplement to dairy products. The dispersibility and water solubility of these flours provide great stability while good microbiological quality is also guaranteed for longer periods in milk tanks.  Micro-grinding prevents formation of lumps and guarantees that the product can be mixed with other dry components. Functional flours can also be included in calf’s concentrates, which brings quick energy for rumen development.

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