Bread & dough improvers

At the request of bakery professionals, Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of improvers specifically created by our R&D teams to overcome all the challenges in the bakery and pastry industry.

As a partner to the bakery industry, Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of BRICKS improvers, allowing for completely transparent co-developments based on R&D support needs. Limagrain Ingredients offers ready-to-use improvers, functional bricks (which act on a specific technical or organoleptic element) or 100% specific solutions.



To respond to the challenges of the bakery and pastry industry, the range of Limagrain Ingredients improvers offers solutions to meet consumer challenges (Clean Label, organic, etc.) while guaranteeing a suitable technical solution and tailor-made support.

Organic and Clean Label

In order to provide consumers with reassurance and transparency, Limagrain Ingredients offers improvers subject to the "Wheat flour" declaration along with a range of organic improvers.

Technical solutions

Our R&D experts innovate when it comes to each of the functional or organoleptic properties of bakery products, Viennese pastries and pastries (machinability, product softness, structure, shelf life, etc).


An expert team is available to customers to adapt or improve current solutions.

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Example of use

We have been a texture expert for more than 20 years; discover our improver solutions.

Sliced bread

A wide range of solutions for the texture, softness, freshness, appearance and taste of sandwich loaves with a long or short shelf life.


A wide range of ready-to-use improvers or bricks to innovate or improve existing products. You can opt for crisp, resilient or doughy cake according to your needs.

Best sellers

Our expertise? Improving the softness of all types of finished products: sandwich loaves, French breads, buns, special breads, Viennese pastries, brioche and pastries.

Soft bread Balanced
organic 1%

A ready-to-use improver to guarantee machinability, volume and softness for sandwich loaves. In addition, our product is Clean Label - what could be more natural for an organic ingredient!

Brioche Brick Soft
Clean Label 0,4-0,6%

A brick to add to an improver that is already in place to act more specifically on the softness of the brioche. With complete transparency because this Clean Label ingredient is labelled "wheat flour".

PreBaked bread techno
Clean Label : 0,5%

Specifically designed for frozen prebaked products: a ready-to-use Clean Label improver!