Clean Label Ingredients

Clean labelling has revolutionised the food manufacturing landscape. For food producers, it helps to tap into the needs of modern consumers and give them the healthy, diverse foods they expect.

Limagrain Ingredients is deeply committed to offering food producers innovative alternatives to traditional ingredients while still providing transparency and quality.

What does Clean Label mean?

What is Clean Label?

Clean label is a food production industry term that refers to ingredients that can enhance the longevity, taste or texture of a product once cooked. 

As these solutions are naturally modified using our cutting-edge processes, they won't need to be listed as modified, simplifying your ingredient labels. 

For example, our texturising flours are heat-treated, so they are clean label and can be named as 'flour'.

These solutions can be the perfect alternatives to traditional flour, as they last longer and can deliver unique textures that traditional flour products can't. 

Clean label ingredients are GMO-free and designed to offer transparency for customers, who will easily be able to see what's in their food.

Today's consumers expect variety and innovation from their food producers. There are thousands of products across the entire food and beverage landscape, and online shopping means customers have plenty of options.

The rising interest in restrictive diets, such as veganism, paleo, gluten-free and others, means that consumers are more interested in what goes into their food than ever before. 

Thankfully, clean label solutions are here to help. For food producers, the main benefits of clean label ingredients are:

  • Create simple labels that are clear and easy to read
  • Offer customers transparency and don't confuse them with additives 
  • Meet varied customer requirements for vegan, healthy and natural foods
  • Help you to back-up health or nutrient claims made on your food labels
  • Provide a variety of additional textures and tastes for your comestibles 
  • Improve the shelf-stability of your foods and keep them fresher for longer 

Clean label ingredients from dedicated suppliers like Limagrain Ingredients can give you the opportunity to offer a varied selection of prepackaged meals, snacks and treats to your customers and ensure transparency in food labelling.

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Why choose Clean Label solutions from Limagrain Ingredients?

As a leading provider of clean label alternatives for food producers, Limagrain Ingredients understands your needs and knows how to create innovative solutions for modern food producers. 

We offer a wide range of clean label bakery ingredients to enhance every aspect of cooking, from shelf stability and longevity to texture and mouthfeel. They can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Ready meals
  • Chocolates, sweets and confectionery 
  • Cakes and pre-made bakery items 
  • Crisps and savoury snacks 
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Sauces and condiments 
  • Healthy alternatives to traditional snacks
  • Meat and dairy substitutes 
  • Baby food 

Our clean label solutions and dedication to excellence set us apart from other wholesale ingredient providers. Our team take a scientific approach to product development and works to enhance our range regularly, so there are always a variety of clean label alternatives to suit every requirement. 

Explore our range to find the ingredients you need to create tempting treats for customers and give them the selection they expect.