Clean Label & Protein
Mixes & Premixes

In order to meet the high consumer demand for vegetarian and vegan products, Limagrain Ingredients offers a range of Clean Label premixes, for making products such as bread and biscuits. A "source of" or "rich in" plant-based protein premixes.

A range of 2 premixes for breads, biscuits or pastries: 

- A "source of" or "rich in" plant-based protein,
- Our functional flours have a sweet taste with no bitterness,
- Using a list of trustworthy Clean Label ingredients,
- No improver for better versatility,
- 5% to 25% of the flour weight.



Best sellers

Source of protain premix

This premix is a blend of chickpea flour, faba bean flour, yellow lentil flour and red lentil flour to be used at 5% to 25% of the flour weight.

Rich in protein premix

For an end product categorised as "high in protein", this premix is made up of pea proteins and chickpea flour.  To be used at 20% of the flour weight