Our Quality commitments

Because food security and safety are fundamental aspects of our activities, and because our work is guided by a single objective, your satisfaction, the experts at Limagrain Ingredients have implemented quality systems that comply with the most stringent European and international requirements.

The corn processing, pellets, flour trade and ingredients activities meet the ISO 9001 standard. This is a series of best practice reference documents that, beyond the product, encompass the entire quality management system and provide certification that is recognised by all of our export markets.

With operational excellence in mind, we have implemented a TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) approach, a continual improvement policy based on internationally recognised Japanese industrial organisation concepts. With the participation of all company employees, it aims to enhance the performance of our production lines.

For all of our products, we also guarantee IP quality in line with the most recent regulations (EU 1829/2003 and 1830/2003), thanks to the integration of a unique traceability system, LimaTrace. As such, all of our farmers work under contract, follow specific technical procedures and comply with a production charter that covers objectives in raw material quality and environmental protection. We pursue this excellence at the silo through an allotment and storage policy that draws on advanced and unique grain processing tools. This rigorous work enables us to offer extremely consistent and highly functional flours.

"Our quality approach is a reflection of our cereal expertise. It is imbued with responsibility, forward planning, transparency, ethics and dialogue, because day after day we work together on developing the products of tomorrow" comment Anne Lionnet, quality manager at Limagrain Ingredients.