Nutricorn toasted corn germ

Nutricorn is a toasted corn germ, made with corn kernels from the Limagrain traced chain. 

The toasting process is natural, and all the nutritional qualities of the germ are retained!

  • High in proteins,
  • High in fibres,
  • Magnesium (800mg/100g),
  • GMO-free,
  • 100% vegetable

Nutricorn can be used as a substitute for nuts in any kind of recipe.

It's a balanced product containing less fat and more fibre than nuts.

The Nutricorn range, with its characteristic toasted aroma and its golden/light brown colour, will bring new visual potential to a wide range of formulations.

Nutricorn can bring a great, authentic touch to rolled pastry products such as tortillas and biscuits.
It can be used in bread and pastry products as a topping or for visual potential.
It is also ideal for dietary products or protein-enriched products (such as vegetable bars and steaks).

The Nutricorn range is available in three particle sizes, thus meeting the challenges and expectations of differing manufacturing processes:

  • Nutricorn coarse
  • Nutricorn
  • Nutricorn fine

"Nutricorn Nuts" toasted corn germ