Masa flours

Limagrain Ingredients provides a wide range of masa flours for Tex-Mex applications:

- tortilla chips for dipping or eaten as ethnic snacks,

- tacos,

- soft tortillas (fajitas),

- corn chips, etc.

Masa flours manufactured using traditional processes are obtained by nixtamalisation, a process that requires large amounts of water and energy. Limagrain Ingredients has developed a patented hydrothermic process that achieves similar products, while at the same time improving the regularity, shelf life and environmental impact of masa flour. 

We provide masa flours in our range, but we usually work on specific developments. Numerous parameters need to be taken into account: 

  • the raw material (type and variety of corn);
  • the thermal treatment itself (temperature – time – humidity);
  • and in particular the final application and the manufacturing process of our clients.

"We continually adjust our parameters to achieve a consistent quality and obtain a product similar to that achieved using the traditional process," says Mirela Colleoni, R&D Director.

Examples of products in our range and uses:

masa flours Types of masa flours Examples of use
westhove masa 6129 Large grain size Tacos, tortilla chips (crunchy texture)
westhove masa 5119 Average grain size Tortilla chips (crispy texture)
westhove masa 3011 Fine Soft corn tortilla (flexibility)
westhove masa 7120 Very fine Extrusion (lime taste, crispy texture)

The expertise of Limagrain Ingredients' European subsidiaries enables stricter commitments to be guaranteed in terms of:

  • IP
  • Contaminants (mycotoxins)

  • Gluten Free

Manufacturing process stage

MASA Flours

Tortillas chips, Tacos, Soft Tortillas, Crackers, Pellets

Custom development requests

Our R&D department is of course at your disposal for all specific projects:

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