Carrier functional flours

To meet strict requirements (microbiology, humidity level, grain size, etc.) for the dilution of sensitive raw materials, Limagrain Ingredients offers Innosense Carriers, a range of high-quality functional flours.

Limagrain Ingredients uses a patented process to design and produce flours with different grain sizes, including dust free, to guarantee the health of workers. With a view to enzymatic, aromatic and vitamin preparations, you can choose the grain size most suited to the raw material you want to dilute.



A high-quality range for products with high added value.

Very low microbiological level

To meet the strictest microbiological requirements, bacteriological quantities are more than 20 times lower than in native flour.

Dust free

Innosense Carriers functional flours are dust free and are used to limit the impact on the health of workers, while guaranteeing target grain size and perfect fluidity.

Clean Label

100% Clean Label solution covered by the declaration "wheat flour". What could be more natural for diluting sensitive raw materials.

Example of use

Carriers for enzymatic preparations

Essential for the bakery industry, Limagrain Ingredients has been involved with the development of enzyme carriers for more than 20 years.

Carriers for flavourings, natural extracts

With fluidity and perfect stability, our functional flours are also ideal for use with flavourings, natural extracts as well as vitamins and colourings.