Maize flours & grits

Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of maize flours and grits. Sourced from special corn varieties and adapted to different industrial uses and needs.

Our  maize flour and grits comes from corn grown by our partners in Auvergne and adds a unique corn taste and delicious texture to finished products.

All our maize flour and grits bears the Limatrace guarantee, an assurance of optimal food safety, full traceability, consistency, functionality and respect for the environment.



A key Limagrain Ingredients range, the corn ingredients are perfectly mastered and add numerous benefits to finished products.


From the seed to the ingredient, guaranteeing food safety and ingredient origin for consumers, Limagrain manages its entire corn chain in Auvergne.

Optimum quality

Our perfect mastery of corn varieties allows us to guarantee the consistent high quality of our corn ingredients. Limagrain Ingredients has been producing and selling Baby Food maize flours for more than 30 years.

Taste and texture

The consistency of our cornflour and cornmeal gives our finished products a uniform texture and a tasty corn flavour loved by consumers.

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Example of use

Our maize flours and grits are available with various particle sizes and suited to any application.


Even crunchier snacks and breakfast cereals! Our cornmeal and cornflour is perfectly suited to and widely used in extrusion processes, ensuring uniformity for a homogeneous controlled texture.

Baby Food

Limagrain Ingredients is proud to be trusted by the largest baby food groups. Our Baby Food maize flour and grits are used in instant cereals, infant porridge or even jars.