Micropellets for puffed cakes
& popped chips

To support the growing "healthy snacking" trend, notably puffed snacks, Limagrain Ingredients has developed a range of ingredients specially developed for these applications.

Micropellets are small billets that can be used to make puffed cakes and puffed chips, for crunchy snacks with less added fat.

In order to combine enjoyment and well-being, Limagrain Ingredients has developed a range of micropellets made of different raw materials: corn, potato, pulses or multigrains.



Pleasure and nutrition

Our micropellets are used to make puffed cakes and puffed chips which are perfectly crunchy and light thanks to lower fat content.

Easy to use

Our micropellets are suitable for all types of puffed snack equipment: CEREX, PELLEX or even PUFFING GUN.

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Example of use

Puffed cakes

On their own or mixed with other raw materials such as flaking grits or rice grains, micropellets are perfect for using in PELLEX equipment to produce puffed cakes or cereal cakes.

"rich in protein" popped chips

Small light and crunchy chips, popped chips are made from micropellets. Using our Fava Bean Micropellets High in Protein, used 100% in the recipe, the claim "rich in protein" can be easily made on the popped chips packet! A perfect combination of nutrition and delicacy, with no bitterness from the fava bean.