Pellets & ingredients
for feed

Limagrain Ingredients meets the animal nutrition needs of young animals (calves, piglets) as well as those of poultry or fish by offering a technical range of wholegrain cereals, functional flours and pellets.

To meet the technical needs of our animal feed customers, our FEED ingredients come in different forms: wholegrains, flours or granules



Each ingredient has its benefits!

Wholegrains to improve palatability

These products are easy to use in early age formulas for calves, with yellow  in muesli, with a great appearance and aroma. Our wholegrains have a unique taste and highly-digestible energy.

Functional flours for ease of use

They are versatile and easy to add to any formulation including calf milk substitutes, piglet nutrition and turkey feed. With a cereal and pulse base (chickpeas, fava beans, etc.).

Pellets: ideal for mixes

Dense, dust free and easy to measure out and transport, they are suitable for mixing with other raw materials.

Example of use

Cooked flours pellets can be used for multiple applications

Formulas for piglets

Because they provide energy that it is easily assimilated during weaning, our precooked corn granules are widely used in piglet feed. Added to solid piglet food at between 5 and 20%, they stimulate the animal's appetite due to their palatability.

Lures for leisure fishing

Cooked cereal granules are used in lures for leisure fishing. Designed to stimulate the appetite of carp without stuffing them. A lure "rich in cereals" and compatible with all your baits.