Toasted ingredients

A source of ideas for exploring new tastes, appearances and textures for bakery products, snacks, cereal bars, salads or ready meals. This range of crushed cereals and toasted pulses adds crispiness and originality to finished products!

These quality ingredients are partly sourced from our Limagrain chain and carefully toasted in our factory. This exclusive heat-treatment is used to sterilise, dry and toast the products: corn germs, crushed pulses, buckwheat seeds, etc.



Limagrain Ingredients offers a quality range adding 100% natural crispiness, nutritional benefits and innovation!


Broken maize germ, buckwheat or lentil and chickpea or toasted maize flour can be used to create new recipes and easily expand a range.


For a different sensory experience, toasting adds crispiness and taste when used as toppings or inclusions.


To naturally improve the nutritional profile of products : Nutricorn is "rich in magnesium, fibre and protein" and toasted pulses are "rich in protein"!

Example of use

Toasted ingredients are easy to use and can be easily added to bakery products, snacks and ready meals.

"rich in magnesium" crunchy bread with Nutricorn

Nutricorn is a carefully toasted maize germ. It is the nutritional essence of corn. With 9g of Nutricorn for 100g of product, you can make the claim "rich in magnesium" and offer great taste and appearance.

Mixture of cereals and crushed toasted chickpeas

Not only do broken chickpea will add flavour and a trendy take on cereal mixtures, it also has the same cooking time as classic semolina due to their heat-reatment.