Pets treats

In petfood the complementary semi-moist treats have been increasing in their popularity over the past decades. Nowadays the number of products is enormous and there are many appearances. Technologists are looking for natural binders with a high functionality to give the product a tough but yet still chewable texture. Moisture and plasticizers like glycerin are bound in the formulation by the use of PetFlour Wheat/rice/corn. As the products have been pregelatinized they have an instant binding capacity. Next to the functionality the products are highly digestible for the animal.

We have been internationally supplying your market for decades. You benefit not only from the market price, but also from our experienced product and market knowledge. Our quality pays off.


Limagrain Ingredients also offers a wide variety of texturizers for versatile canned food and tasty pet snacks, whether fried, semi-moist or extruded. Our ingredients allow clients to distinguish themselves in their markets vis a vis both owners and pets. The texturizers are usually wheat-based but can also be based on other cereals or legumes, such as peas, for example.

The special PetFlour ingredients made by Limagrain Ingredients are composed of a dried, heat-treated flour. Drying of the flour ensures enzyme inactivation and sanitation. In addition, the moisture content of the flour can be regulated by drying the flour until the desired moisture content is achieved. When the flour is extruded, the starch granules are pulled from their original structure. This ensures that the starch can swell in cold water and the flour also is dispersible in cold water.