Pulses are the new stars of our diet. Balanced, rich in proteins, they bring new and natural colour to formulations.

The Limagrain Ingredients range (chickpea, red bean, green lentil, faba bean, yellow lentil, red lentil and green pea) is stabilised and treated thermally for easy formulations, to reduce bitterness and increase shelf life. Diff erent grades are available! Make your choice!

  • Westhove Faba bean* 
  • Westhove Chickpea*
  • Westhove Green lentil*       
  • Westhove Red bean*
  • Westhove Yellow lentil*
  • Westhove Red lentil
  • Westhove Green pea

*On specific request and under conditions, coarse versions are available

Red lentil, chickpea and green pea flours are also available in organic versions.


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In order: Westhove Green pea, Westhove Red lentil, Westhove Yellow lentil, Westhove Faba bean, Westhove Green lentil, Westhove Red bean, Westhove Chickpea.